Wrongful Death

In Florida, when the negligence of another causes the death of a person, a wrongful death action ensues to recover the damages to that person’s estate, and/or losses to the survivors. Typically, an estate is created (if one is not already established) in order that the Personal Representative may bring the action in court on behalf of the estate and it’s beneficiaries and/or survivors. There is a wide range of losses typically sought in a wrongful death claim, and having an experienced attorney is of utmost importance.

I have handled many wrongful death claims, and understand the trauma that such circumstances bring to the family and friends of one whom has been killed through the negligence of another. Many wrongful death claims involve automobile negligence, as well as instances in which motorcycles are involved. If a family member has been killed due to the negligence of another, you should call me for a FREE CONSULTATION so that I can discuss the specific facts involved in bringing the claim. Feel free to call me at 727-848-8892, email me at scott@suncoastlaw.com, or simply fill out the form below. Thank you.