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Injured from a Trip and Fall, Slip and Fall or Other Dangerous Premises Hazard?

Did you trip or slip and fall due to a dangerous hazard?  Attorney McPherson has extensive experience in these types of “Premises Liability Claims” and regularly handles such claims on a Contingency Fee basis, with no costs or fees upfront and you only pay if we win your case!

Property owner and/or their tenants and/or those in charge of maintaining property have an obligation to protect those legally visiting the premises from injury or death due to a hazardous condition. Following are examples of some of the most common types of claims based on a theory of injury or death caused by a premises hazard:

  1. A slip and fall claim: A store fails to clean a spill in it’s aisle, and a customer slips and falls as a result;
  2. A trip and fall claim: A store (or homeowner for that matter) has a raised threshold at a door used by customers (or a visitor), which is not easily seen. This results in someone tripping over the threshold, falling, and sustaining injuries.
  3. Another dangerous condition, such as a pothole, dangerous ramp, or any number of potentially dangerous hazards.

If any of the above apply to your circumstances, and have injured you or a loved one, you should call me for a FREE CONSULTATION so that I can discuss the specific facts involved in bringing the claim.

Feel free to call me at 727-848-8892 Thank you.

Recent Case History

Premises Hazard Resulting in Severe Injuries.

Attorney McPherson recently settled a case for $2,000,000 involving a premises hazard.  Litigation in this case continues against other responsible parties.  If you have been injured due to a premises hazard, call us without delay.  It is common that evidence must be preserved quickly!

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