Should I Hire A New Port Richey Injury Attorney, or a “Big City” Lawyer?

Automobile Accident Attorneys and the Concept of Aggressive Personal Representation

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in New Port Richey or other parts of Pasco County, and you have made the wise decision to seek out a qualified personal injury attorney, you may ask yourself, “Should I go with a local attorney, or do I need a ‘large firm’ from Tampa or Orlando?” There are many factors that should go into your decision, such as a personal referral.  However, for purposes of this blog, I am going to limit the topic to those contemplating if a “big firm” is the only correct choice.

All of my clients receive personal service, and even our office was designed to make clients feel at home.

For YOU – How Important is Personal Contact With Your Attorney?

I have chosen to keep my law firm small primarily because I enjoy getting to know each and every client.  I take pride in the fact that they deal directly with me.  Of course, I have a staff, and they are also great at interacting with clients, but each of my clients knows that they can contact me personally anytime.

On the topic of personal contact with an attorney, I have talked to several people over the years who decided to go with a large firm running a personal injury mill.  The first red flag to many of these people was that they never met their attorney.  Rather, an “investigator” was sent out to their home.  If your attorney does not want to meet you face-to-face at the first meeting, how much do you think you will actually hear directly from that attorney during your case?  For many of these same injured victims, after meeting only an investigator during the initial meeting, they were then assigned a “case manager” as their point of contact.

At my practice, I meet with each client personally, and I follow-up with them personally.  If a home meeting is required because the new client lives too far from my office or cannot make it into my office, I personally go to his or her house.  

Can a “Small” Law Firm Handle My Case?

If you think that only a large law firm has the resources to handle your case, then that would be incorrect.  While I cannot speak for other firms (small or large), I can tell you that many small law firms provide aggressive representation, including complex litigation.

Although I have a small law firm, I currently have multiple cases filed in Court.  I have extensive experience in all types of cases, including automobile injuries, wrongful death, product liability, and slip or trial and fall injuries.  I have tried cases in Washington, DC in front of a Special Master appointed by the President of the United States.  This background of litigation experience tells you that if an insurance company does not offer you a fair amount, I am in a position to extend the resources to seek justice for you in Court, even if it means going all the way to a jury trial.


If you are looking for an injury attorney, and want to know with certainty that you will be dealing with the attorney you call, then you should call me today.  If knowing that you will be able to reach your attorney throughout your case is important to you, then you should call me today.  All consultations with me on personal injury cases are free, and there is no obligation.

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