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Dangerous Products Come in Many Forms

Dangerous Products Come in Many Forms

Personal Injury Trial Lawyers have played a vital role in keeping Americans safe from dangerous products. Without attorneys and law firms whom have brought product liability lawsuits against the manufacturer of defective products that have seriously injured or killed one or more consumers (here in Florida and well beyond), many manufacturers would have remained unmotivated to recall or change a products design. Yesterday (9/11/13), as reported in The Washington Post, more than 2 million dehumidifiers were recalled after causing “dozens of fires and more than $2 million in property damage.”

Dangerous Products
Dangerous Products Injure and Kill Far too many Americans

Another example of a potentially highly defective product that was at issue yesterday was, of all things, two children’s books? How could children’s books titled “Count my Kisses 1,2,3” and “Red, Green, Blue, I Love You” make their way into a discussion on product liability law? It would seem that these books were manufactured with a “metal rod holding small beads on the cover” which could detach and release small parts that caused a choking hazard.”

Again, these are just two examples from yesterday, and illustrate the vast array of products that can contain a dangerous defect. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a defective product, then feel free to call the New Port Richey law office of Scott M. McPherson, P.A. for a free consultation. I have experience litigating dangerous product claims, and will speak with you directly about the facts of your case.

Additionally, feel free to review my web page on product liability law, found here: Products Liability Law

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