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What Does a Workers' Compensation Attorney Do?

What Does a Workers Compensation Attorney Do?

A Workers Compensation Attorney is different from a lawyer who handles personal injuries automobile accident claims in that a Worker’s Compensation Attorney deals with injuries occurring at workplaces. Your attorney […]

Florida Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Does Florida Require New Port Richey Car Accident Victims to Carry Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Insurance?

If you have been injured in a New Port Richey or Tampa Bay Car area automobile accident, you may have wondered: “What is the state minimum in liability coverage required […]

3 Different types of product liability claims

3 Different Types of Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims are lawsuits brought by injured plaintiffs seeking compensation for damages caused by defective products. We as consumers, expect our purchases to be safe and work as intended. […]

HelpThe Local Community During Difficult Times

Help The Local Community During Difficult Times

New Port Richey Personal Injury Law Firm Strives To Help The Local Community During Difficult Times Personal Injury Attorneys McPherson & Thomas, P.A. has now donated over $20,000.00 During the […]

How to Fire a Personal Injury Attorney

Can I Fire My Personal Injury Attorney Without Penalty? The Timeline May Surprise You!

We have all been victims of empty advertising promises, regardless of the industry. From retail sales to the services industry (including personal injury attorneys who handle auto accident claims), businesses […]

Florida Supreme Court

Florida Supreme Court Addresses the Covid-19 Backlog of Personal Injury Cases Filed in Court

A personal injury case is typically resolved in one of two ways: A pre-litigation settlement in which no lawsuit is required, or through litigation. For example, if an injured automobile […]

Auto Accident Litigation in the Era of Covid-19: Zoom to the Rescue - McPherson & Thomas, PA

Auto Accident Litigation in the Era of Covid-19: Zoom to the Rescue

There are few American industries that were unaffected by Covid, and personal injury auto accident trial attorneys like myself were no exception. There were so many questions at first, especially […]