Other Cases We Handle

On the other pages within this website, I’ve gone in to some detail as to the most common cases I handle, which include:

  1. Automobile Accidents;

  2. Wrongful Death (many times from an automobile or motorcycle accident);

  3. Cases involving Defective Products; and

  4. Cases involving a Dangerous Premises.

Please be aware that I also have extensive experience, including litigation, in cases involving insurance disputes. Such a case might involve an insurance company refusing to pay out on a life insurance policy, or numerous other types of benefits that may be wrongfully withheld by your insurance company.

Additionally, I have litigated many cases involving nursing home negligence. This typically involves a claim that a client’s loved one has been subjected to abuses at a nursing home, such as poor supervision or improper care.

If any of the above apply to your circumstances, and have injured you or a loved one, you should call me for a FREE CONSULTATION so that I can discuss the specific facts involved in bringing the claim. Feel free to call me at 727-848-8892, email me at scott@suncoastlaw.com, or simply fill out the form below. Thank you.