Social Networking – Florida Injury Claim

While this referenced article focuses primarily as to why attorneys should use facebook for marketing purposes, the content also addresses a very important piece of advice for Florida personal injury attorneys who are already representing victims of car accidents, or any other claim for that matter:  Facebook and other social media sites is a gold mine for insurance claims adjusters.

About a year ago I was interviewing applicants for a new legal assistant position in my firm, and one such prospective employee  had a background as a claims examiner.  We were chatting about social networking groups like myspace and facebook, and she advised that it is now one of the first things that adjusters will look for when a claim is opened. Then, throughout the course of the claim, they will continue to monitor the claimant’s page.

This is an issue I now address during every first client appointment.  Do not assume that because your client is 55 that he or she does not have a twitter, tumblr, instagram or facebook page.  Trust me from experience, all age groups are into the social networking environment.  Most of my clients are personal injury cases (people who were injured in automobile accidents in the Tampa Bay and Pasco County area of Florida, including New Port Richey), who would be prime targets for facebook monitoring.