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Injured in a Car Accident? The Right to Be Kept Informed by your Personal Injury Attorney – (Part II)

Injured in a Car Accident The Right to Be Kept Informed by your Personal Injury Attorney - (Part II)

Whether your auto accident injuries occurred in New Port Richey or some other area of Pasco County (or anywhere in Florida), you have the right to be kept informed as to the status of your injury claim. To put this another way, your attorney has a duty to keep you informed.

This is Part II about the Statement of Clients Rights. When a lawyer represents an injured automobile accident client in Florida, he or she must give the new client a Statement of Clients Rights. This blog addresses Paragrage 9, which states:

You, the client, have the right to ask your lawyer at reasonable intervals how the case is progressing and to have these questions answered to the best of your lawyer’s ability.

Polls have shown that one of the most common client complaints involve lawyers who do not return phone calls, or never speak personally with the client. I get numerous calls a year from persons seeking a “second opinion” because their attorney will not return a phone call, leading the caller to state, “I don’t know what’s going on in my case.”

If you are being represented by an attorney for your Auto Accident Injuries, you have the right to have your calls

returned, and to receive a thorough explanation as to the status of your case. This includes an explanation as to all steps taken by your injury attorney to protect your rights. If your calls are not being returned, demand an in-office conference. Demand to look at your file. Demand a thorough explanation as to all actions taken by your attorney.

mcpherson conference room
This is the conference room where Attorney Scott McPherson meets with new auto accident injury clients.

I chose to write about Paragraph 9 because I take pride in keeping my clients informed, and by the time a case is resolved I have typically had dozens of conversations with a client.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and you like the idea of having a personal injury attorney whom will keep you well informed, call me today at (727) 848-8892.  The consultation is absolutely free, and yes, you will talk with me.

Best Regards,
Scott McPherson

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