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We Offer Personal Service & There is Never a Fee Unless We Win!

We are not a mass marketing New Port Richey Auto Accident Law Firm.  We treat clients like we'd want our family treated, and we guarantee it!  Scott McPherson will handle your case personally! 

Scott McPherson's

An Auto Accident Attorney That Believes in Personal Service

Many large firms with mass marketing machines handle cases with an assembly line approach. Attorney Scott McPherson actually gets to know his injured clients and aggressively represents their rights. Read about our Guarentee below!

Promises are cheap. We Guarentee that we'll deliver on our Committment to You!

Did you know that the standard contingency contract for auto accident cases allows a new client to cancel for any reason within 3 days?  We give you 60 days!  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with Scott McPherson's service you may cancel within 60 days and Attorney McPherson will deliver all file materials to your new attorney with NO lien, and at no cost to you!  And there is never a fee unless we win your case!


Practice Areas


Automobile Accident Injuries

Scott McPherson has been helping automobile accident victims for decades - even prior to law school.  Attorney McPherson was a professional Paramedic Firefighter with Pasco County Fire Rescue during the 1980s.  For the last 25 years, he has represented accident victims as an attorney.  His past medical experience allows him to understand the injuries people face following an automobile accident!


Wrongful Death

A Wrongful Death Claim occurs when someone is tragically killed due to another's negligence.  Attorney McPherson meets personally with the victim's family and works closely with Estate attorneys to recover the family's losses during this most difficult time. 


Injuries from Dangerous or Defective Products

This is known as a Product's Liability Claim, and Attorney McPherson has handled many such claims.  A Product's Liability Claim almost always requires a lawsuit (litigation), so an experienced trial attorney is a must with this type of claim.  Attorney McPherson has the experience and resources to hire the needed product experts and take your case all the way to a Jury Trial if necessary! 


Injuries from a Fall (Tripping or Slipping)

When someone is injured due to a hazard at a premises this is known as a "Premises Liability Case."  Attorney McPherson is very experienced with handling such cases which are usually the result of a trip and fall or a slip and fall.   Call us today if you've been injured due to a hazardous condition located at a business or residential location!

Consultations with Attorney McPherson are Always Free

No Assembly Line Approach with Us, Only Guarenteed Personal Service!

Have you ever seen law firms with billboards all over the place?  Many mass marketing firms treat cases with an assembly line approach, even if that means the client getting less than a fair settlement.  It's all about volume!  We do not operate that way, and believe in personal, One to One Service.  That's why we offer a 60 Day Guarantee!

Meet with Attorney McPherson with No Risk and No Money Due Until We Win!

Many mass marketing firms (also known as "Personal Injury Mills") use an "Intake Specialist" to sign-up new cases.  This intake specialist is usually not an attorney and you're lucky if it's even a Paralegal.  Attorney McPherson's Free Consultation is with him, and there is no "sales pitch" or pressure to hire us.   If you do hire us, then you will owe nothing until we win your case.

An Attorney With a Medical Background (Former Paramedic-Firefighter)

Prior to law school Attorney McPherson worked for Pasco County Fire Rescue (1983 - 1987) and responded to hundreds of serious automobile accident injury calls.  As a Paramedic, he provided advanced life support (IVs, endotracheal intubation, medications, etc.) to his patients.  As an Attorney with 25 years of experience representing auto accident victims, his medical knowledge and experience enables him to understand the injuries suffered by his clients. It only makes sense to hire an attorney with a strong medical background!

Recovered for our clients


Recovered at Trial for Victims of 9/11


Lawsuit Settlement Against a Fortune 500 Company


2018 - Settled Before Trial - Back Injuries to Retireee


2018 - Jury Verdict Clearwater, FL - Back Injuries with Concussion

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